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Saintly Human Dolly Parton Raised $9 Million for Victims of Tennessee Wildfires

Why isn't she President?

America isn't entirely wretched after all, as some of its most iconic residents have proof of actually helping the common folk. Dolly Parton launched her My People Fund a few weeks ago to help aid those who had been displaced by the wildfires this year that killed 14 and destroyed property in Sevier County in eastern Tennessee, the area where Parton grew up. Now it comes out that the various My People Fund efforts, including a telethon on Tuesday Night, raised $9 million for the families impacted.


That telethon was a huge deal, with $200,000 being donated by Taylor Swift, of all people, off bat, with half that much donated by Paul Simon a little while later. If Dolly is this powerful, capable of mobilizing the rich and famous for good instead of evil, she should really be the one leading the US. Where's that vote recount at, Jill Stein? In any case, you can contribute to the fund here if you'd like.

Photo by Tabatha Fireman for Getty Images

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