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Holy Moly, We're Going to Have New Nine Inch Nails Music This Year After All

'Not the Actual Events' is out December 23rd with deluxe reissues of NIN's 90s albums coming in 2017.

Trent Reznor promised fans a new Nine Inch Nails album before the year was up and, like a perpetually moody St. Nicholas, he has answered. Not the Actual Events is the name of an all-new EP that's due out December 23rd. The giving doesn't stop there, as Reznor also reveals that there will be deluxe vinyl reissues of the NIN's epochal 90s albums, starting with an expanded version of the flawed-but-fascinating sprawl of 1999's The Fragile (classics Broken and The Downward Spiral will follow in 2017).


Both the reissues and the new EP were worked on personally by Reznor and collaborator/right-hand man Atticus Ross, and Reznor says in a press release that he feels the reissues are "the 'real' records, in their truest form." Personally, we can't to hear how much more nihilistic "The Day the World Went Away" sounds in 2016, along with whatever new concoctions Reznor and Ross have for us on the 23rd.

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