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Here's Donald Glover Partying to "Bad and Boujee," His Favorite Sex Song, at the Golden Globes Afterparty

A huge moment for the 'Culture,' as it were.

So, Donald Glover runs the world (or at least, he should) after not only winning two Golden Globes for the masterful Atlanta, but also shouting out song-of-the-decade contender "Bad and Boujee" during the ceremony. He also said it's the best song to have sex to. He wasn't joking about how much he loves Migos, either, as we now have video of Childish Gambino himself at a Globes afterparty turning all the way up to "Bad and Boujee."


To see Glover enjoying himself this much so purely is a beacon of light in the stodgy world of Hollywood, especially after the stellar and musically brilliant but ultimately conservative La La Land began what'll likely be a season-wide sweep during the Globes ceremony. When things seem down, we will always have this expression of unfiltered elation to turn to, that sometimes weird ideas will triumph, and you just have to be yourself at all times. Watch the video below.

Phil isn't sure which soundtrack is more fire: 'Atlanta' or 'La La Land.' He's on Twitter.