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Seafloor's New EP is A Crossbreed of Sunrise and Sunset

Montreal label Infinite Machine is soaring into the end of the year with a tranquil new artist EP release.
November 27, 2014, 9:10pm

There are pump up songs, there are midway-through-your-workout songs, and there are "cool-down" songs. While "gym-ing it," nothing feels better than cool-down time. Once you've wiped your pride off your brow and put away your yoga mat (properly), our guess is that any track off Seafloor's new EP The Drift will have you pleading your instructor for an ID.

Montreal's Infinite Machine is soaring into the end of the year with a collaborative release with Brooklyn artist, Seafloor. The producer, singer and drummer is the brains within the beats of tracks held by Passion Pit, Vacationer and Body Language. Together with Infinite Machine, he's rustled up a collection of tracks that, as separate entities, elicit a copious amount of interpretations. Whether they're the reason why you drape blankets over your head, or the potent beat to those Friday-at-5 PM vibes—The Drift is a crossbreed of temperaments ranging from sunrise to sunset.

The second piece on the EP, "All I Need" is an up tempo track—equipped with tranquil water rushes and drips—that is only further refined with chic vocals. Some tracks have that "cool down" song effect, and others translate as uplifting, "you-can-do-this" beats. The point is, any one of these tracks has the uncanny ability to make you feel good.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of Seafloors EP The Drift EP on THUMP above. The EP is available as a digital download on Infinite Machine on December 1.