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Project Pablo is at the Forefront of Canada’s House Music Revival

Stream his 'Utensils' EP from Hybridity Records here.
September 2, 2014, 9:08pm

Excision, DJ BL3ND, Martin Garrix, Spinnin Records; these are just a handful of many producers and institutions that you will thankfully never hear in the same sentence as Project Pablo. Project Pablo (real name Patrick Holland) is at the forefront of Canada's house music revival and with the release of his latest EP, Utensils, on Hybridity Records he has set himself further into a league of his own. While house music has been alive and well in Montreal for many, many years (in fact, it's taken a long time for the city to warm up to anything but) there's something entirely different about the way that Utensils presents itself—something you can't quite put your finger on.


The EP's A-side, "BLENDER," is a supremely danceable affair with piercing jazz hooks and warm synths leading their way into pounding percussion and playful keys. If you were to listen to "BLENDER" while tripping on mushrooms, I can guarantee you that time as both a personal experience and a fundamental principle of the universe would become entirely lost to you.

"INSTANT COFFEE" is B2 in the charts, but B1 in our hearts. I know that it's a B-side and I know that French press coffee is my hot beverage of choice, but its execution of panning and reverb bring it to a whole other level technically.

It's hard to describe "FORK" without using the words "Chicago," "strip club," and "velour," so I'm just going to come right out and say it: If you were getting a lap-dance in the velour-lined back room of Chicago's most prestigious strip club, "FORK" would be the soundtrack to your inner monologue.

Utensils will be released on limited edition 12" vinyl, September 8th. You can pre-order it here. Pre-orders will receive a digital copy of "BLENDER."

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