Can Hip-Hop Help Combat Religious Extremism?


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Can Hip-Hop Help Combat Religious Extremism?

In our full length film 'Noisey Lebanon', host Poet attempts to find out.

From the same team that brought you 'Noisey Blackpool', here's 'Noisey Lebanon' – a film exploring whether or not hip-hop can help young people in the region resist the temptations of militant groups like ISIS.

In the film, Noisey host Poet goes to the capital Beirut to meet a collective of local MCs who are making an album, using a blend of research and their artistic creativity, that tackles the sensitive subject of radicalisation. Their project involves interviewing psychologists and other experts who work with extremists, and then feeding this knowledge into their lyrics, and along the way Poet finds himself grappling with the complexities of how deprivation, radicalisation and art tangle themselves in one another when there are no simple questions to tough questions about survival. Have a watch above.

For more information about the collaborative, research-based album featured in the doc, click here. Listen to the album in the Soundcloud link below, which will be updated with new songs twice a week.

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