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international women's day

7 Empowering Ways to Spend International Women's Day

Here's a list of events going on around the country in celebration of the world's women.

Amidst the pandemonium of 2017, its easy to lose track of the amazing events and activities available to help you empower yourself and resist forces of ignorance and intolerance. To make sure you get the most out of the day, Creators has put together a short list of rallies, protests, workshops, and showings being hosted around the country for you and your friends can participate in.

+ Brooklyn new media education center and "open digital art collaboratory," Powrplnt, has teamed up with sound initiative Intersessions to host a series of DJ workshops aimed at teaching women and LGBTQ and gender nonconforming people more about the craft. The workshop series has been scheduled across eight days with panels and classes on vinyl, beat matching software, and how to put together promotional materials. Learn more on their website. (Read THUMP's full story for more.)


+ Philadelphia's Federation of Teacher's is gathering in Aviator Park across from Logan Square before the march for art and sign making. The PFT's "Day Without a Woman" march hopes to initiate negotiations for a new contract with the district and remind the public that without women, our schools would not function. To learn more about the event, head over to their website.

+ New York City grassroots arts organization, 8 Ball, is hosting a pot luck / hang out at the DIY gaming and technology hub, Babycastles, in preparation of the general strike gathering in Washington Square Park.

+ If you're in the Chicago area and in the mood for some musical theater you can check out the 24WORDS equal rights musical. Described as a "90 minute, 200 year odyssey to Equality," 24WORDS features 20 original songs written by Charles Kouri and Gary Bragg that address the Congressional Vote in the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972 that was never passed. Click here for more information.

+ The Women's Health And Reproductive Rights (WHARR) committee from #GetOrganizedBK group is launching a weekly Wednesday Lunch outside the offices of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The group's demonstration is a campaign for the passage of the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), which will help systematize Roe v. Wade and strengthen the state's abortion law. Learn more about the event on Facebook.

+ In San Fransisco, a group female comedians are putting on a comedy show with performances by Irene Tu, Priyanka Wali, and Sara DeForest among others. In addition to the stand ups, the event will host a series of presentations from women at Google and Women's Audio Mission. For more information click here.


+ The Shades of Blue Project, an organization designed to help women visually share their stories of recovery from postpartum depression and anxiety, is holding a happy hour event at a Cafe in Houston to celebrate International women's day. Learn more about the event on Facebook and on their website.

Find events in your city on the International Women's Day website.


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