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Listen to Semi-Attractive Boy's "Her Heart Isn't Beating for Me"

Do you think this dude needs some help with his confidence or what?

There are several things about Semi-Attractive Boy that we dig. For one the name: so self-deprecating you'd think he was British. Number two: he's eating a burger in the bath full of candy. Skittles maybe? Fruit Loops? IDK. The important point is the burger. And the bath. That's basically our dream situation. Here are some other endearing facts about the LA-based S-AB (who was born Baker Wallis).

- He used to work at a church camp.
- He won class clown every year at school—even in his sophomore year when he didn't attend.
- He was diagnosed with Tourette's at nine years old and he was ousted from the church for hollering profanities.

"Her Heart Isn't Beating For Me" is this guy's first song (out on March 21st via indie label 20XX) and it's premiering below. It begins as a plaintive, piano-accompanied pop song with S-AB's slender falsetto taking center-stage. But then, at one minute 12, it launches into a plush composition that careens towards it's conclusion like a frantic Ben Folds following his piano as it rolls towards the precipice.

"I wrote the track in 20 minutes then we rushed into the studio and recorded it in one session," he explains. "We didn't have much time. After the second vocal take, we closed up shop and called it a song."

Simple as that.