This Tape Makes Everything LEGOs


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This Tape Makes Everything LEGOs

Nimuno Loops are hereby certified a game-changer.

LEGOs were everything when I was a kid, but thanks to an adhesive, LEGO-compatible tape called Nimuno Loops, everything can be LEGOs. The reusable tape allows you to stick LEGOs onto nearly any surface, making anything from the refrigerator to monumental floating concrete blocks a potential place for a LEGO creation.

LEGOs have been transitioning into the fine art world for years, from Ai Weiwei's LEGO portraits of political prisoners installed in Alcatraz to Olafur Eliasson's minimalist interactive LEGO architecture on New York City's High Line. LEGOs have been used to recreate the work of Piet Mondrian, construct catwalk-ready masks, and emulate Depeche Mode and Daft Punk. LEGO art mirrors the world's most iconic films, from Star Wars and Mad Max to Ghostbusters and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Even particularly creative scientists have used the toy to study plant growth. Nimuno's tape could be the biggest advancement for LEGO enthusiasts since LEGO Technic.


On its Indiegogo page, Nimuno advertises the kinds of problems artists and other LEGO builders will be able solve with Nimuno Loops. "Imagine being able to build around corners, on curved surfaces, or even onto the sides of that sailing ship you've just spent hours building. You forgot to engineer a point of attachment for that sweet dinosaur-smashing cannon? No problem. Snip a length of Nimuno Loops, stick it on the hull, mount your cannon and be on yarr way."

When we asked the company what took so long for someone to come up with this much-needed idea, designer Anine Kirsten told us, "Sometimes the most difficult things to see are right in front of us. Like when you're frantically looking for your hat, and you find it hours later…on your head."

Nimuno Loops are also compatible with other building toys like Mega Bloks. Get yours by donating to the Indiegogo page here. Right now two rolls are going for $11.


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