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Damian Lazarus' New Track "Lovers Eyes" is Really Weird And We Love It

Let yourself go, we won't tell anyone.

Damian Lazarus, the owner and spiritual visionary of famed label Crosstown Rebels, is a dude that is no stranger to turning up the weird-o-meter to the dark red—it's pretty much what he's made his entire career out of. At THUMP, we like to get weird. Very weird. You haven't really lived until you've undone that top button (and the next, and the next, and the next) and gotten really fucking strange on a Thursday afternoon. Today, we have a brand new premiere that will make your afternoon worktime de-pantsing almost effortless, and it comes in the form on a new track from Laz himself, titled "Lovers Eyes."

This is one of those cuts that you'll never hear before 3AM, when most around you are navigating their way through some sort of mind-altering visionquest or teetering on the brink of a k-hole. Hit play on this one, put your hands in the air, let yourself go, and get tribal. Just be careful your boss doesn't see you, because you will probably get fired. Unless you work as a Shaman's assistant.


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