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Real Salt Lake Score Beautiful Team Goal off Free Kick

Real Salt Lake scored on a perfectly executed set piece that left the entire Columbus defense dizzy.

The opening goal from Real Salt Lake's 2-2 draw with Columbus Crew last night in Utah was a thing of beauty. In the 36th minute, Luke Mulholland (last seen running into a goalpost), Kyle Beckerman, and Joao Plata perfectly executed a zig-zagging set-piece to set up Olmes Garcia for an easy tap-in goal and a 1-0 Real lead.

It wasn't easy to get there, of course; Mulholland sent the ball in to Beckerman, who flicked it over to Plata, who had been in motion as soon Mulholland began his kick. Plata then headed the ball over for Garcia to tap in with his right foot. It worked so well that Crew goalkeeper Steve Clark looks like he's trying to trade groundstrokes from the baseline with Rafa Nadal, while a good portion of his wall watches.

Here's another angle: