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Mets Reliever Jenrry Mejia Banned From Baseball After Third PED Violation

Live by the strike, die by the strike.
February 12, 2016, 10:25pm

Mets reliever Jenrry Mejia's first suspension for taking a banned substance—Stanozolol—was for 80 games and ended July 7th 2015. Upon his return, he appeared in seven games for the Mets, pitching 7 1/3 scoreless innings before he was suspended again, this time for using Stanozolol and Boldenone. That suspension cost him 162 games, and heading into this season, he still had 99 games left to sit out. The only other player to receive a 162-game ban in baseball history is Alex Rodriguez, however Mejia won't have a chance at redemption like A-Rod because three strikes and… well, you know.


Less than a month ago, Mejia re-worked his contract with the Mets, taking a pay cut for obvious reasons. Now, it hardly matters. After getting popped for Boldenone again, Mejia has become the first player permanently banned by Major League Baseball for violating its drug policy.

MLB announced Jenrry Mejia has received a permanent suspension from MLB after testing positive for Boldenone, his 3d PED violation #mets
— Joel Sherman (@Joelsherman1) February 12, 2016

What's more, Mejia joins Pete Rose as the only other living player banned from the game, which is a helluva list to find yourself on at 25 years old. We wish him good luck in his future endeavors/Skechers commercials.