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Sergio Ramos Kinda, Sorta Nearly Decapitated by Tree on Champions Bus Ride

Good thing the Real Madrid captain still has his reflexes in tact—even after a long night of partying.

Sergio Ramos nearly got tw*tted on the open top bus this morning…
— Coral (@Coral) May 29, 2016

Alright, so maybe "decapitation" is a little much. But Sergio Ramos today—on his victory tour after Real Madrid squeaked out a win against Atletico Madrid in the Madrid Derby/Champions League final yesterday—was cruising at a decent pace on Real Madrid's victory bus, likely with little sleep, feeling the flow, when all of a sudden a low-hanging tree branch nearly lopped off his top. Appropriate, maybe, given that "ramas" means branches in Spanish. (Just substitute the O for the… you get it.)


It seems like the Real Madrid captain still maintained his composure, vaguely resembling a swarthy old-time pilot ducking an errant seagull in his open cockpit, and even had a good laugh about it. Victory is one hell of a salve.

Anyway, there were all kinds of shenanigans going on on the bus ride, including the obligatory Queen reference:

Thank you Madridstas! #wearethechampions
— Gareth Bale (@GarethBale11) May 29, 2016

And the kissing of a bunch of dirty metal:

— Gareth Bale (@GarethBale11) May 29, 2016

We've just spent some time with @realmadrid leader @SergioRamos & his friend… #UCLfinal
— Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) May 29, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo#UCLfinal
— Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) May 29, 2016

Two-time #UCLfinal winner @GarethBale11 checks out the names on the back of the #UCL trophy
— Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) May 29, 2016

Then of course there's the fans chasing down the bus like Real Madrid are the Beatles or something:

Fans from all over Madrid started running with the Real Madrid team bus in the rain on its way to #Cibeles
— M.A.J (@UItraSuristic) May 29, 2016

(God, it must be so annoying to be an Atletico fan in Madrid right now.)

Despite the fact that Ramos almost lost his head, at least he didn't lose the trophy—like he did last year. Yeesh.