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Tony Allen Interrupts Little Kids Dancing, Golden State Crowd Boos Him

Tony Allen interrupted some dancing kids during a timeout at Golden State and the home crowd voiced their displeasure.

During a timeout in the second quarter of Grizzlies-Warriors, the home crowd was treated to some dancing kids on the court. For some reason, Grizzlies pest Tony Allen found himself lost in the middle of it and just sort of kept walking around, like he somehow got transported from his couch at home to the middle of a dance routine inside a packed arena.

He eventually walked out of the routine and stopped to give one of the kids a high five, but the home crowd was having none of it and mercilessly booed him for it during the break, whenever he touched the ball, and during some free throws shortly thereafter. Look how angry that lady is!

Allen even got Draymond Green's mom fired up.

Tony Allen is so DISRESPECTFUL…interrupting our babies!
— Mary Babers-Green (@babers_mary) May 3, 2015