Migos Release Trap Power Ballad "What the Price"

Move over, Guns N' Roses.
January 20, 2017, 3:22pm

On this most American of days, Migos have decided to take on the most American of song forms, the 80s hair metal power ballad, a la Mötley Crüe's "Home Sweet Home." "What the Price" (good power ballads are titled like questions, see Heart's "What About Love") opens and closes with a wailing, bluesy guitar solo, while Quavo and Takeoff's mournful hook creates visions of lighters waving as the Migos play Madison Square Garden or somewhere.


"Tell me what the preacher preach about," sings Takeoff with the same vigor and earnestness that Foreigner's Lou Gramm once sang, "I wanna know what love is." Like that song, Migos are asking elemental questions that can relate to any audience. And much like Night Ranger's classic "Sister Christian," Migos introduce a woman, a "bad Mona Lisa," around which they frame their rock and roll seriousness (edit: it's definitely about coke, which is just as hair metal). You can listen to "What the Price" below.

Phil has memorized the guitar solo in "November Rain." He's on Twitter.