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This Is What It Would Look Like If David Lynch Directed Star Wars

Proof that Lynch should helm the Star Wars reboot.

David Lynch might have blown it with Dune, but this fan-made recut of Return Of The Jedi, rife with Lynchian tropes, proves that maybe Abrams should step down and let America's grotesque cinematic genius take the helm. Filled with ominous music, shots of Yoda speaking in reverse (The Man From Another Place is apparently from outer space), and lines from Lynch classics like The Elephant Man (Darth Vader shouts "I am not an animal, I am a human being!"), this trailer illustrates that maybe a surrealist tone is needed to refresh the Star Wars series.


The popular definition of what makes something distinctly Lynchian is a juxtaposition of the mundane and grotesque, underneath a blanket of Americana and even kitsch. Thus, "Lynch In Space" might not fare so well, especially since no one can hear you scream (or rather, release an out-of-context gutteral yelp) in the cosmos. Still, what we would pay big bucks to see Lynch's interpretation of the force.

Fun fact, Lynch was offered the chance to direct Return Of The Jedi by George Lucas, but turned it down. This might be the closest we ever get to seeing if the pairing would be a match made in the stars.

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