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Dutch Design Studio Crafts a Series of Ultra-Realistic Carpets

Moooi's collection of HD carpets put imagination on the ground floor.
April 19, 2015, 3:57pm
Liquid Maple, Broersen and Lukács

This article originally appeared on The Creators Project Netherlands. 

Classical Persian carpets are like the 8-bit graphics of the 90's when compared to the new carpet series from Dutch design studio Moooi, which are basically full HD movies. The collection of rugs was designed by different national and international artists and designers, including Broersen and LukácsStudio Job (who in the past reimagined Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower as furniture), Ross Lovegrove, and Neri & HuMarcel Wanders, the Dutch designer and co-founder of the studio, also designed a number of carpets, fitted fascinating kaleidoscopic and geometric shapes onto their faces, almost as if crafting portals into other dimensions.


The carpets are woven with a hundred-meter-long machine, while the designs, up to four meters wide are printed on using a seriously high tech machine. "With the Chromojet printer, we can use an endless variety of colors," Moooi assistant David van 't Westende explains to The Creators Project. "It opens a door to a limitless world of color and depth."

At the moment, the carpets hang as wall art in the interior of the Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan. Van 't Westende says that they intend for the carpets to be on sale, but they won't be mass produced. "The idea is that each remains a unique product, and that customers could one day submit their own designs." So, if you want a carpet that opens up a new dimension in your living room—stay tuned.

Crystal Fire, Marcel Wanders

Remnant 1, Neri & Hu

Seaweed, Ross Lovegrove

Celestial, Edward van Vliet

Hungry, Bas Kosters

Heavensgate, Marcel Wanders

Tomorrow, Marcel Wanders

Hexacon multi, Studio Job

Crystal Rose, Marcel Wanders

View the full collection here.

Via Dezeen


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