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[2014 in Review] The Best of Everything

2014 was a marvelous year for modern creativity.

Mexican soccer team manager Miguel Herrera rejoices like a Super Saiyan in animator Adam Phillips' viral GIF. via

For the past month, The Creators Project has been bringing you our Best of 2014 posts, a year-in-review series that encapsulated the last 365 days in modern creativity. As artworks from Marina Abramovic, Kara Walker, Takeshi Murata, and Jeff Koons went viralwearable tech got smarter, and cinema became even more immersive, we brought you monumental modern art discoveries, the future of brain wave art, and DIY headwear that tips itself for you.


This is the Best of Everything: 

[Best of 2014] The Year in Robots

Pepper the robot waves its conductor's wand at the audience. GIF by Beckett Mufson, via

[Best of 2014] The Year in Sculpture

Jason deCaires Taylor's mammoth underwater sculpture. via

[Best of 2014] The Year in Brains

Artist Lisa Park uses brain waves to control Eunoia II. via

[Best of 2014] The Year in Sound

A stunning cymatic experiment made using sand. via

[Best of 2014] The Year in Art Discoveries

The Mona Lisa (left) alongside it's long-lost cousin (right). via

[Best of 2014] The Year in Animation

A still from Big Hero 6, 2014. Image courtesy of Disney Animation Studios. via

[Best of 2014] The Year in Fashion and Tech

 Reverberating Across the Divide, MadLab. via

[Best of 2014] The Year in Viral Art

Takeshi Murata's Melter 3-D produces the illusion of motion by spinning. GIF by Beckett Mufson, via

[Best of 2014] The Year in Emojis

Tré Reising, Live, Love, Laugh, Laugh Until You Cry. Image courtesy of the artist, via

[Best of 2014] The Year in DIY

The self-tipping fedora greets you with a polite "M'lady." via

[Best of 2014] The Year in Film

Box by Bot & Dolly, via

[Best of 2014] The Year in Selfies

Photographer Lee Thompson atop the 2,300-foot statue of Christ the Redeemer. via

[Best of 2014] The Year in Projection Mapping

Watchers look on as MGNTRN, Romain Tardy's projection-mapped ferris wheel, comes alive. via

Happy New Year from all of us here at The Creators Project.

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