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Vast Mirrors Reflect And Distort Renaissance Art At London's V&A Museum

Designers Barber Osgerby create a vast kinetic artwork that offers visitors a fresh perspective on the V&A's Raphael Gallery.

The V&A Museum in London is home to a heck of a lot of decorative ceramics, one of the largest four-poster beds in the world, and recently two vast kinetic mirrors suspended from the Raphael Gallery's ceiling that reflect the artist's tapestries.

This recent addition is temporarily housed there as part of the London Design Festival and is called Double Space for BMW – Precision & Poetry in Motion. It was created by design studio Barber Osgerby—who also created the Olympic torch for London 2012—and features two giant mirrors measuring about 10 x 15m, which are flat on one side and convex on the other.


The curved aluminium structures move around an axis in different directions or together distorting the paintings, the valuted room, and the visitors— warping people's perception of the 600 square meter space and bringing motion to the still environment of the gallery. “This work offers an infinite change of perspective on an immense scale,” say the designers.

See more of the installation, below.

Double Space for BMW – Precision & Poetry in Motion is on display now until 24 October 2014, Raphael Gallery, V&A Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL

All images courtesy of BMW

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