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Food Typography Literally Puts The 'A' In Apple Pie

These letters are a healthy part of a balanced alphabet.

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Ziti baked into a 'Z' shape, an 'A' carved into apple pie, and a popcorn kernel 'P': Morgan Smith's typography alphabet looks delicious. The Auburn University design student has cooked up a fresh batch of typographical photo magic with her new design project, the Food Typography Photo Book. The series of dishes are tastefully arranged to match the first letter of their names certainly look tastier than Ari Weinkle's biomass lettering and less off-putting than Takayuki Ogawa's gaping, letter-shaped mouths. Smith's dishes are beautiful in their simplicity—and in their mouth-watering composition.


The series also offers what some might read as an implied culinary challenge challenege for typography enthusiasts and foodies alike. If Smith can create an wealth of meals from their respective alphanumeric parts, why can't we? BRB, we're heading to our local bodegas to pick up all the necessary ingredients for an alphabetical feast. Even though we probably can't cram all those ingredients in our tiny Brooklyn kitchens, it'll totally be worth it.

Check out more of Smith's letters on her Behance page.


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