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'Broad City' Artist Curates 10 New Brooklyn Murals

Mike Perry brings Hisham Bharoocha, Naomi Reis, Archie Lee Coats, and more to Pacific Park Arts.
Images courtesy of Pacific Park Arts

This weekend, Mike Perry, the Brooklyn street artist behind Broad City's awesome animated intros selected nine artists to paint large-scale murals at Pacific Park Arts in Prospect Heights. Supported by the Pacific Park Brooklyn Developer, Greenland Forest City Partners, these attention-grabbing murals seek to transform the heart of the borough.

“Public art is perfect and open to pull anyone into it. Its accessible and free,” Perry says of the project’s initiative. Morgan Blair, Eddie Perrote, Josh Cochran, Archie Lee Coats, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Thomas Colligan, Jennifer Maravillas, Naomi Reis, and Edward Ubiera were enlisted to do their worst, and the results speak for themselves. All ten of the works surround the walls of a construction site, so they’ll only be up for a finite amount of time. Luckily, we’ve got photos, so even if you can't make it out to Brooklyn, you can check them out below:


Click here to learn more about Pacific Park Arts.


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