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Street Artist Turns Walls Into Melting Optical Illusions

Argentinian street artist Felipe Pantone splashes his psychedelic wallpapers on city walls.
All photos courtesy the artist

Immersive murals juxtapose chessboard grids with ribbons of saturated color. The divisions between geometric patterns and gradients are so effortlessly blended that the larger patterns seem created wth digitization rather than with two hands by the Argentinian street artist, Felipe Pantone. The alternate-universe murals appear to be fixed on a never-ending, 3D loop. His murals bring to mind holograms and computer screensavers, zig-zagging his graphics with melting strains of rainbow, combining hard and soft; the monochrome and the profusely colorful palette.


The skilled street artist frequently leaves a signature behind in the form of the sprawling nickname, “PANT” cementing his status on public canvases with a tag. In the past, his works have shown at international showcases, as well as events in US urban centers.

The Creators Project asked the artist to offer some insight into his work, "I don’t have a predefined creative process. I usually face each project individually based on what I find when I arrive to the place, the characteristics of the spot where I am working on a big format mural—the wall where I am painting a piece with my name and the time I have to execute everything. It is just a bit different when it comes to shows."

He continues, "In my last individual exposition at the Celaya Brothers Gallery in México—[titled] Scroll Panorama—for example, I was able to work for a full month on the proper gallery, which has enabled me to develop a new format around a discourse related to information traffic in the times we live in. I really enjoy when I have the opportunity to experiment and look at things from different angles, all of which I end up bringing into my work.”

See a few selections from Pantone’s murals in a selection of photographs below:

A video posted by FELIPE PANTONE (@felipepantone) on

Nov 22, 2016 at 10:08pm PST

Via @felipepantone

Want to see more from Felipe Pantone? Visit his Instagram, here, and his official website, here.


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