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Explore the Dangers of a Carnivorous Garden in This Gripping Biolapse

Chris Field's timelapse 'Carnivora Gardinum' demonsrates the beautiful horror of insect-eating vegetation.
November 18, 2014, 4:45pm

Timelapses often show us the elegance of a city or the beauty of nature, but every once in a while, we see one that puts the planet Earth's nitty gritty on display. The latest in this genre is Carnivora Gardinum, a biolapse by photographer and garage engineer Chris Field that drops the viewer into a jungle of, as the title suggests, carnivorous plants.

According to his Vimeo description, Field shot the film for 107 days using two separate cameras, and custom built so much timelapse equipment that he's made a business out of selling it. The mesmerizing snaps and chomps of venus flytraps, compimented by Field's strategic use of sound effects, remind viewers that plants can be just as terrifying, as animals. Seeing a spine-chilling spider get eaten alive by a spine-chilling plant, for instance, serves as a jarring reminder of just why we respect Mother Nature. Check out our favorite moments from the video below:

h/t r/SavageGarden


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