On Set of the Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly Porn Parody
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On Set of the Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly Porn Parody

Meet the team behind the interracial-porn production company's latest parody, "Megyn Gets Trumped."

2015 has been the year of Megyn Kelly. While NBC grappled with how to address Brian Williams's plagiarism allegations and The View imploded, firing every host besides Whoopi, Kelly landed an exclusive interview with the Duggers about the child molestation charges. Kelly's ratings skyrocketed, and Fox announced a series of Kelly interview specials. She is officially the Barbara Walters of the 21st century, and nothing cements this more than the new porno parody in her name.


This weekend, an interracial porn company called Dogfart releases Megyn Gets Trumped, a porno parodying the controversy surrounding Kelly's interaction with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the primary debate. Porn star Cherie DeVille stars as Megan, and parody porn veteran James Bartholet plays "The Trump" (Previously, Bartholet has played the Wizard of Oz, Donald Sterling, and Mr. Brady, amongst other roles.)

SFW Trailer:

When I visit the film's set, I find DeVille upstairs in a hot, unairconditioned room. She sits in front of a gold mirror resting on a foldout white table. A woman applies make-up to DeVille's face, but she's more of a mom putting on her daughter's make-up at the prom than Joyce Bonnelli, the contouring maestro who transformed Kim Kardashian's face. DeVille doesn't seem very interested in cosmetics though--she's discussing politics, not the beauty products being painted on her face. She hopes Hillary Clinton will beat Trump because she has "more political experience", but DeVille and the film's other porn stars worry Trump could win.

"America just loves that shit," DeVille says. "We're just celebrity whores!"

Although most porn stars' fame and careers last an average of six months, according to the film's director Deville and Billy Watson, DeVille has performed for four years. She appeared in a lad mag while living in Nashville, and a Los Angeles-based porn agent spotted her pictorial and invited her to California for a shoot. DeVille has lived in California and worked in porn ever since, and she sees similarities between Kelly and herself.


"Megyn Kelly is a lovely blonde, like myself," she says.

In costume on set, she resembles a California version of Kelly who has been pumped with air to transform Kelly's hot features into Fox News' answer to Jessica the Rabbit. DeVille's blonde hair falls off her shoulders in over-the-top curls, and where Kelly speaks in firm (but polite) direct sentences like a Texan lawmaker, DeVille sounds bombastic. She takes everything about Kelly and turns it into, well, parody.

Some people say you haven't made it in America till you've bought a house, but as a celebrity, you haven't really made it until someone has directed a porn parody about you.

Porn directors only parody the most well known personalities, movies, and TV shows. Some people say you haven't made it in America till you've bought a house, but as a celebrity, you haven't really made it until someone has directed a porn parody about you. So it isn't outrageous for DeVille or any porn star to worry that Trump could win--nobody understands America's basest desires better than porn stars.

"I'm not sure what part of his contingency [cares about women]," DeVille says, worrying aloud, as a Donald Trump wig sits on a white Styrofoam head on her table.

The actor playing Trump, James Bartholet, seems less worried. He wears Crocs and a dress shirt at the top of the shoot, but strips down to his underwear before he puts on Trump's wig, revealing a light layer of hair on his upper back. He has worked as a mainstream actor, even appearing on True Detective, but started working in porn parodies 12 years ago. Porn companies call him when they need a performer with acting abilities. Since he started working in the industry, he has become best friends with Ron Jeremy and Evan Stone, and he relishes in the work.


"I did the porn parody of American Horror Story… I'm Twisty the Clown. I fuck a girl with a bowling pin and then kill her." he brags. ""Porn stars are rock stars nowadays," he explains. "We still have that scarlet letter on us but we're hip. We can go to red carpets."

Parody porn is not feminist porn, but Bartholet insists young women love his work. "There's a new demographic of porn [viewers]: all the young hip guys and girls," he explains. For the past few years, he has specialized in horror porn. He calls himself one of the founders of the genre--he starred in Saw XXXand has since played in several parody horror films--and finds that sororities love these movies, especially the Rocky Horror parody porno he filmed several years ago. When he goes out in public, he says, sorority sisters and frat bros regularly approach him to tell him how their sororities and fraternities have gathered on the weekend to watch his Rocky Horror parody as a group.

"[Fans love parody pornos] because they feel comfortable watching it with a woman or a girl feels comfortable watching it with a guy," he says. "[Young women] want to see stuff that's story driven, like in romance novels."

Some women may disapprove of the plot line of Megyn Gets Trumped. In the film, Kelly walks into Trump's office after the debate. (For some reason, the office walls are white and red, making it look like Buzzfeed HQ.) Trump orders Kelly to apologize and fuck his two black security guards played by Prince Yahshua and Rico Strong.


Dogfart specializes in "cuckold porn." Typically, in cuckold porn, white husbands watch their white wives fuck black guys, humiliating their husbands. Director Billy Watson adapted the scenario to feature Kelly and Trump and score press through the debate controversy. In the original script, Trump walks into the white house in construction gear. He says he's exhausted from "building my fence" between Texas and Mexico all day, and then find his wife fucking two black guys in the Oval Office.

I enjoy sex. I've always been a person to push boundaries.

To certain viewers, the plot may come across as rape-ey or as a presentation of sex as a man controlling a woman. DeVille has played in traditional cuckold porn, where she humiliates a male star, but says the Trump/Kelly scenario is a fantasy she enjoys--a sexual illusion she considers hot.

"A lot of my favorite scenes in porn are when I can relax. I have no control," she says. "I can enjoy myself." And not just in a sexual way: "I find it incredibly emotionally satisfying."

DeVille works two jobs. When she's not fucking on camera, she's practicing as a physical therapist. Balancing two lives means she keeps a very strict, highly controlled schedule. Her professionalism is why she's worked in porn for four years, instead of quitting after six months, but being controlling makes situations where she's out of control in the bedroom erotic. "In my personal life I have a lot of control and organization," she says. A Donald Trump impersonator yelling at her to fuck two black dudes makes her very turned on. She says porn stars who enjoy the work are becoming more common than previously thought.

"The people who are here for the money aren't gonna last as long, where the people who find satisfaction in it will last longer," she says. "I enjoy sex. I've always been a person to push boundaries."

Later, she calls porn an activity that feeds her "adrenaline junkie" urges, comparing porn to traveling across the world--a hobby most people would consider normal. But she has a point: Boring sex turns few people on. It's the darkness, the subtext pushing society's edges, which makes us all wet. Her porn isn't that dangerous in comparison to other threats in America. Or perhaps Bartholet puts it best: "Bill Cosby tried to sue us [for making a Cosby parody porno. It's like, 'C'mon!' The mainstream is more deviant than any of us [porn stars]."