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Chaim Takes You "Underwater" For a Psychedelic Techno Journey

Just please don't dive under the influence.

Visionquest's brand of hypnotic techno often purveys a feeling of becoming lost in a boundless expanse. What are two of the most limitless realms of our own universe? The ocean and the cosmos probably are the first to come to mind. For the visual accompaniment to his recent sprawling, euphoric techno piece "Under Water" the skilled Chaim takes us on an aquatic journey through space and time, where a mysterious woman and the artist himself attempt to navigate the maze of their own minds.


Backlit by grouper fish, shooting stars, beautiful coral, and of course fluttering basslines coupled by echoing pads—this one might urge you to get both a scuba certification and a satchel of high quality mushrooms. Just don't dive under the influence please!

David is scuba certified. @DLGarber

Chaim "Underwater" out now on vinyl, digitally Sept. 7th

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