The Best Things We Saw on the Dance Music Internet This Week

Masked DJs, ANOHNI, Colleen Murphy, and Austra make our list of the best things this week.
December 4, 2016, 4:17pm

1. A brief history of masked DJs

Michaelangelo Matos examines the history of masked musicians in DJ and producer culture in his regular column, Off the Record.

2. Justice is back

Reporter Angus Harrison spent time with the secretive French duo for THUMP on the heels of their latest album and new music video.

3. Artificial intelligence and music production

Deep House Amsterdam looks at the ways in which artificial intelligence will change the course of the music industry and music production.

4. Austra's THUMP mix

After three years, the Toronto synth-pop project Austra returns with their third studio album, Future Politics. In anticipation of its release, they've made an exclusive THUMP mix filled with a wide variety of tracks that spark their curiosity and influence their sound.

5. A beginner's guide to Colonel Abrams

Last week, we reported that house music vocalist Colonel Abrams passed away. In honor of his life, Electronic Beats compiled a beginner's guide for newbies unfamiliar with his eclectic and iconic work.

6. Queer nightlife in the Trump era

Do safe spaces in nightlife even exist? If so, how do we keep our safe spaces "safe"?

THUMP features editor Michelle Lhooq examines how queer nightlife can move forward in this new political era with President-elect Donald Trump.

7. Colleen Murphy's David Mancuso tribute mix

Murphy created this tribute to her mentor David Mancuso (who recently passed) for Solid Steel Radio. True to the sprit of The Loft, Murphy's mix features an eclectic array of musicians, from Francois Kevorkian to Brian Eno & David Byrne.

8. The man with 40,000 rave flyers

We spoke with Matthew Johnson of the Rave Preservation Project about the preservation of flyers and his five favorite designs.

9. ANOHNI's 'Marrow"

For her latest video, ANOHNI features the inimitable Lorraine O'Grady and we are so in love.

10. A Babyfather weed grinder

It exists.