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Take a Minute Out of Your Day to Watch Richard Spencer Get Punched to "Sandstorm"

Somehow we're not surprised that anti-fascism and trance make an alright pair.
Screenshot courtesy of Twitter

While the meme of alt-right leader Richard Spencer getting punched in the face to music is admittedly near the end of its lifespan, there's one more version of it that seems important to acknowledge before we say goodbye. This clip's soundtrack is none other than Darude's 1999 trance smash "Sandstorm" and needless to say, the results are incredible.

The viral clip of Spencer being attacked was recorded during an interview he did during the inauguration protests on Friday. Since then, it has been set to music countless times, and a Twitter account @PunchedToMusic has rigorously catalogued the results, featuring everyone from Fall Out Boy to Aaron Carter. Whether you were really moved by the "Mambo No. 5" version, or maybe the one set to Kanye's "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1," we're confident you'll want to see this one too.

THUMP spoke to its creator, a doctoral candidate at NYU and Brooklyn-based DJ named Nick Bazzano, about the creation of the clip. "I firmly hold and loudly proselytize the perhaps unpopular belief that 'Sandstorm' is social action and political praxis at its most potent and joyous, that 'Sandstorm' is pure affirmation," he said. "No matter how bad it's gotten, 'Sandstorm' has always been there, supporting us, never judging us, never shaming us, never leaving us, never letting us down. 'Sandstorm' against fascism, 'Sandstorm' to plan the future, 'Sandstorm' for the revolution!"

In AMA session on Reddit last year, Darude admitted that he had been in a "dust devil" before, but not an actual sand storm.

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