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Outer Space Brothers From Boston

The Jonzun Crew's homemade costumes fall somewhere between Rollerball and Sgt. Pepper

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Jonzun Crew - "We Are The Jonzun Crew"
Yo, dig these outer space brothers from Boston! Riding the afro-futurist wave set in motion by Parliament Funkadelic, the Jonzun crew released this groovy electro-funk track in 1983. Their outrageous homemade costumes fall somewhere between Rollerball and Sgt. Pepper—all rhinestone studs, glittery capes and color-coordinated like Ninja Turtles. The clip itself incorporates so many dizzying effects and wipes it could serve as a demo reel for the Fairlight Computer Video Instrument.

Did we mention that Maurice Starr, (aka Larry Johnson, one of the three Jonzun brothers) went on to create New Kids on the Block out of five white boys he met through a series of Boston-area auditions in the mid 1980s? Yes, that's right. There would be no New Kids without the Jonzun Brothers, not to mention the funky b-boys from outer space Toejam & Earl. As one YouTube commentator says in response to their live music video for 1983 single, "Now people see where Daft Punk got their swag."