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The Black Madonna Slathers Funky Disco-Ball Sheen on Tiga's "Blondes Have More Fun"

We are living in a material world, but Marea Stamper's an immaterial girl.
Photo by Aldo Paredes, courtesy of the artist

After wrapping up a multi-part documentary about his latest album, No Fantasy Required, Turbo Recordings don Tiga is making the rounds with the latest track off the LP, "Blondes Have More Fun," so it's only appropriate that he put platinum-coiffed rising star (and newest addition to the Essential Mix series) Marea Stamper, a.k.a. The Black Madonna, on remix duties.

The original track leans back from the sweaty energy of his usual club-friendly repertoire in favor of sadder, slower sounds that showcase his songwriting skills. In Stamper's more-than-capable hands—having recently put her own spin on Robyn's "Indestructible"—the remix sashays right back onto the dancefloor with a funky, fat bassline and the fleeting sparkling sheen of lights bouncing off the disco ball overhead.

The Black Madonna told THUMP that as a big fan of Tiga, she was super excited for the opportunity to work with him. "Reimagining someone else's work is one of the most fun parts of producing for me," she says. "It was also great to get to try out my new powerhouse synthesizer, the Moog Voyager, which I picked up from Moogfest, along with my engineering partner Rupert Murray and our buddy Chris La Barbera who we've been working with on the next Black Madonna project. From all of us at Team Madge, enjoy this rubberband funk re-rub of Tiga's jam!"

Adds Tiga, "Rarely do I feel somebody nail the real, true, deep funk that I always crave…. and now, I got it. A killer remix, that I will be supporting heavily."

Listen to The Black Madonna's "Blondes Have More Fun" remix below, exclusively on THUMP.