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Someone Made a Planned Parenthood Benefit Track Entirely out of Samples from the Women's March

Glassine, the artist, released an album last year solely made out of Guitar Center field recordings.
Photo of the Women's March in DC on January 21 by Mobilus In Mobili/Flickr

Baltimore-based musician Danny Greenwald, a.k.a. Glassine, last week shared a dreamy track made entirely out of samples recorded at the January 21 Women's March on Washington. All proceeds made from the song, which is called "Day 1," will be donated to the Planned Parenthood center on 330 N. Howard Street in Baltimore.

The track is held together by fragmentary percussion samples and glistening chords, and interspersed with snippets of interviews, protest chants, and ambient urban sound. Overall, its mood conveys something between sorrow and hopefulness, suggestive altogether of a contemplative pause in an overwhelmingly distressing moment.


"'Day 1' explores the idea of sonic and/or musical journalism," said Greenwald to THUMP over email. "Music did more than punctuate the march, music pumped blood through the march. Being surrounded by music used as a form resistance was liberating. It sucked the cynicism out of the idea of protest music. I want to see more experimental music being used to protest injustice. In this political climate, and in all climates, art must strangle fascism."

Greenwald released an album last year, titled No Stairway, that was produced entirely out of manipulated field recordings taken at the music equipment store Guitar Center.

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"Day 1" single artwork by Wendy Macnaughton

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