The Best Things We Saw on the Dance Music Internet This Week

Jamiroquai, DIY raves, and algorave make our list of the week's best things.
January 28, 2017, 6:11pm
Art installations at Day For Night 2016. Photo by Greg Noire.

Every week, we round up a list of our favorite videos, stories, mixes and other dance music-related news from our own site and other places across the internet. Here's our list. We think you'll enjoy it. And don't forget to check out our Seven Most Played tracks, which features Dawn Richard, Anthony Naples, Abra, and more.

1. How to throw a DIY rave

In this Guide to Life, we teach you everything you need to know about throwing your own rave, from finding a venue and supplying alcohol to acquiring a guest list and handling the cops. You'll want to bookmark this one.

2. Algorave

It's like a codeathon, but for electronic music. Kind of. Sort of. And it's awesome.


3. Texas: the new EDM capital

Oneohtrix Point Never plays at Day For Night 2016, in Houston. Photo by Julian Bajsel.

It's not as strange as you think. Writer Jeff Gage explains why the Lone Star state is embracing EDM at full force.

4. A guide to underground electronic music in Mexico

The oqko collective created this guide to the best elements of Mexico's underground electronic music stars. It's up now at CLASH and it's worth your time.

5. Jamiroquai return

After a very long hiatus, 90s funk band Jamiroquai return with a new sound, new video and new album. Check out the video for "Automaton" above.

6. Remembering Mark Fisher

100% Silk artist Maria Minerva reflects on Fisher, a music critic, cultural theorist and her former professor at Goldsmith's.

7. The 9 best synth shops in the U.S.

We break down the best shops to purchase and play with synths across the country.

8. Clubbing with care

Our friends at i-D spent time in Glasgow to meet the socially-conscious clubgoers and promoters turning the scene on its head.

9. Nightlife and adulthood

I don't need to conform to some staid linear maturation. I'm going to live forever, aren't I?

Do you have to choose between loving nightlife and embracing adulthood? Our pals in the UK investigate.

10. They Call it Acid

Watch the trailer for a new documentary, They Call it Acid, on the birth and rise of acid house.