Please Let The Rumors of a 'Human Traffic' Sequel Be True

Update: Danny Dyer has hinted on Twitter that he will be in the sequel.
March 25, 2016, 4:45pm
Photo courtesy of Fruit Salad Films

[Update May 17, 10AM]: Actor Danny Dyer, who played the character Moff in the original, has published the following tweet in response to a question about whether he'll be in the sequel: "Moff. One of my favourite characters ever. That's all I'm saying on the matter. ;)"

Moff. One of my favourite characters ever. That's all I'm saying on the matter. ;) — Danny Dyer (@MrDDyer)May 16, 2016

"The weekend has landed, all that matters now is clubs, drugs, pubs, and parties"…and a Human Traffic sequel? That's right, it's happening again—rumors are bubbling that a sequel to the British cult classic film Human Traffic is in the works.

On March 25, a Facebook page appeared with the title Human Traffic: The Revolution. Among posts of stills and clips from the original film, there's a post that says: "parallax are pleased to announce human traffic 2 set in cardiff and ibiza - written and directed by justin kerrigan." The ambiguous Parallax is possibly the Canadian Parallax Films, which specialize in high-definition documentary footage, but that doesn't seem likely.

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The original film, directed by Justin Kerrigan, is about a group of friends on a drug-fueled club hopping weekend in Cardiff, and is cult classic in the UK. Think what the Welsh offspring of Half-Baked and Night at the Roxy would be like and you've got Human Traffic. Perhaps no other film quite caught the ecstasy (the emotion) and bravado of late 90s UK club culture. While Trainspotting captured its drug culture and 24 Hour Party People waxed nostalgic on the Factory Records scene, Human Traffic reached a wider swath of people that just enjoyed a night out at the club without the dark undertones the former movies highlighted, making it a banner film for UK nightlife. Considering the ongoing debate about whether Generation Y even goes clubbing anymore, and the inflammatory remarks from Bloc's founder about his disdain for today's ravers, this might just be the perfect timing for a cinematic ode to nightlife.

Since its release in 1999, hints of a sequel set on the Spanish party island of Ibiza have popped up over the years. First in 2002, when Resident Advisor first posted about a confirmed filming set to begin on September of that year with the island's legendary promoters Manumission set to make a cameo. Those rumors turned out to be false, or else the film was shelved, who's to say. Kerrigan went on to direct 2008's I Know You Know.

Kerrigan then stayed pretty quiet up until this year when a fundraising campaign for a new Kerrigan work appeared. The campaign was for a short experimental film, described by Kerrigan as a "visual digital poem" made by and for the people of Cardiff, Wales, that he has been working on getting funding for, he told Wales Online. Although Kerrigan doesn't mention it directly in the article, the subhead states: "Justin Kerrigan doesn't want to make Human Traffic #2…" But maybe he does, Wales Online, maybe he does.

Until these rumors are verified or debunked, the best we can do is shuffle our feet, cross our fingers, and re-watch the trailer for the original Human Traffic below. Nice one, brother.