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The UK garage god shows us how it's done.
April 3, 2014, 8:55pm

While Wookie took a four-year hiatus from music, we all continued to lose it to his classic tracks such as 'Battle', 'Back Up (To Me)' and 'Scrappy' as they tore up dancefloors nationwide, more than 10 years after their releases. Fast forward to 2014, and Wookie is back with a fresh, killer sound.

Following the premiere of his latest video, Higher, Wookie returns to THUMP with an hour-long solid mix of 2-step, tropical 4x4 and some golden era garage; garage revivalists such as Disclosure sit perfectly among Sia and Dj Luck & Shy Cookie. There's even a UK Funky Rizzle Kicks 'Trumpets' remix on here. His newest singles may lean towards more house-y genres, but his MIXED BY entry is that undeniable Wookie sound arriving just in time for the weekend. Maximum volume for this one.

Wookie plays at Outlook Festival in Croatia this September. For more information and tickets, go here.