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Keys N Krates Set the Trail Ablaze Yet Again with "Save Me"

A danceable trap track that's suitable for by the pool or a morning carpool.

Canada's pride-and-joy trap band, Keys N Krates, are maintaining their trailblazing ways with the release of their new track "Save Me."

The new release is yet another piece of superior instrumental work by the three Canadians. Armored with jittery hi-hat claps and the accelerated vocals of the UK singer/songwriter, Katy B, "Save Me" is the kind of danceable trap that's perfectly suitable for a morning carpool. And do I hear cowbell? I think I hear a cowbell.

The track's upcoming music video, set to premiere this weekend at Bestival Toronto, will be the world's first location-based mobile music video. Using geo-location technology and thousands of photos from artists, fans, and photographers, the video curates a completely unique and interactive experience every time you watch it. The #MobileMusicVideo goes live on June 12. Watch it at

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