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Smash Mouth's Attempt at EDM Is Worse Than the Time Their Singer Ate a Bunch of Eggs

Ever wonder what "All Star" would sound like with Top 40 drops? "Love is a Soldier" is your answer.
Yes, that's a dripping blood trident.

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Smash Mouth? The masterminds behind the timeless 1999 hit "All-Star"? A certain green cartoon ogre's favorite musical act? Or perhaps you remember them as the group whose lead singer once ate a bunch of eggs because a stranger on the internet dared him to do so? Whatever your fondest memory is of the American rock band, the last thing you'd probably expect from them in 2016 is a full-fledged, four-on-the-floor EDM track, but that's just what you get with their latest single "Love is a Soldier."


In case the above bad Photoshop artwork weren't indication enough, this collaboration with a DJ named Specter (a cursory Google Search turned up inconclusive results as to his identity or whereabouts, which might be an intentional move) is decidedly not-great. Steve Harwell sings about how love is a battlefield or something, and not in a cool way like Pat Benatar, over a bass-heavy beat that builds to a thunderous Top 40-worthy drop. That being said, we could see this going over particularly well with a 2 PM Sunday afternoon crowd at a generic North American music festival.

Listen to it below accompanied by an equally cheesy lyric video (via Exclaim!).

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