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NORTHMIX: Robert Dietz

The magnetic Desolat star is making waves with his latest epic venture, record label Truth Be Told.

Branching out on a voyage of creativity and sound, Germany's Robert Dietz has been making waves yet again in the dance scene with his latest epic venture, record label Truth Be Told.

The Berlin based imprint aims for originality and artistry by boasting music with character. As always, Dietz is passionate about what works on the dancefloor and this new imaginative outlet promises to propel him even further into the pool of elite producers in underground house music.


The concept for the Truth Be Told is simple: an open platform where artists focus on experimentalism and make music that they are truly passionate about. It's a clean harmonic slate for creation—no restrictions, no pressures.

This label will ultimately follow a vision that echoes the unchained innovation that has allowed Dietz to quietly become one of the Desolat collective's most magnetic stars. After all, here is a DJ with acclaimed popularity in the electronic dance world who has worked alongside peers like Luciano, Loco Dice, tINI and Davide Squillace. Dietz has also made his definitive personality known after numerous album appearances and gigs at nearly every renowned club in the scene.

His exclusive Northmix for THUMP reflects exactly that status. Recorded in November at Frankfurt's famed Robert Johnson nightclub, it's a compilation marked by the kind of notably fresh house grooves that Dietz excels in. The set not only represents a vision that is in line with his patient, confident evolution as a DJ and producer, but also Robert Dietz's overall ambition for Truth Be Told.

Catch Robert in Toronto for CODA's One Year Anniversary with Loco Dice on January 24th.

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