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Playboy Now Has A Music Streaming Service

And, of course, models will be involved.
June 2, 2016, 8:17pm
Photo via Youtube

Earlier this year, Playboy made a surprising move yet by removing nudity from its pages, allowing DJ and producer Mija to pose for the notorious men's magazine in a playful, yet tasteful manner. Now, the revamped brand has found a new way to attract viewers.

Playboy launched its new music streaming service yesterday (June 1), Playboy Music. The tablet and smartphone app, administered by music distribution company, costs 99 cents per month. Subscribers can get lost in what the Global Post describes as "original music videos," or footage of models dancing, lounging, and rolling around in bed to music while in various states of undress.

It sounds a lot like a live-action version of electronic music-focused YouTube channels like Majestic Casual, Gap Beats , Club House Music, and, less subtly, Erotic Dubstep, that set their curated deep house and dubstep tracks to photos of half-naked young women in order to garner cheap clicks.

Jeff LaPenna, Creative Director of the Playboy Music app at, said in a press release: "The models are more than just sexy—they are the focal point of a narrative that connects beauty with music in a way that men will enjoy and women will find empowering."

Watch a teaser of Playboy Music below. The app will reportedly feature lesser-known artists, but, as the video indicates, the focus seems to the on the models themselves. Shazam-ing the video shows that the song playing is DLRN's "Fear and Loathing" (feat. Stevie Nader), but you wouldn't know it unless you already knew him, because neither the track name nor artist show up… which is pretty vital for a music streaming service. But hey, models, right?