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From Wood Blocks To Moog Synthesizers: A Crash Course In Robot Repair's Arsenal Of Musical Instruments

The creative studio shows off their off-the-wall collection of gear.

When they’re not doing high-end commercial work, the folks at Robot Repair take sounds to places that most of us would never conceive of, whether it’s using the shapes of mountain peaks as waveforms or harnessing the power of wind through musical windmills. Their newest personal project showcases their arsenal of instruments, plowing through dozens of traditional and not-so-traditional sound devices. Bells, shakers, guitars, basses, keyboards, synths, toys, voices, and more, each with a little complementary prop in the shot make for a delightful five-minute lesson in all the ways you can make music, or just noise. This is sampling gold for anyone looking for some fun sounds to chop up.

Let us know if you make a remix!