Listen to Malchance Break the Floor With Skittish House and Groggy Disco

The Sydney producer, who also plays in punk band Oily Boys, drops a four track demo of lo-fi techno.
January 30, 2017, 7:25am

Located in Narre Warren, in Melbourne's south-east, Empire is typical of outer suburban nightclubs found on the fringes of any Australian city. R&B Fridays, 'Tag a Friend' promotions, occasional dance floor 'altercations' and resident DJs Woodsy and His Mate spinning Chainsmokers remixes.

I'd pay good money to witness Sydney producer Malchance drop his set at a 2am slot at 'Emps' and witness the affect it has on the room. There's a reason one of his tracks is called "Floorbreaker".


But, after a while I'm tipping the room would warm to Malchance's mix of groggy disco, house and minimal techno. It may sound nothing like Skrillex or whatever turds Woodsy and his mate drop, but after another cap and a few more five dollar Vokda Bruzzies, the footy players and panel beaters would soon be going hard for tracks like the dark "Cop Elegy" and "Racked".

A project for Garry Ryan, who also plays in Sydney punk band Oily Boys, Malchance has dropped a four-song demo tape that mixes wobbly lo-fi techno and samples from cult Aussie graf doco Jisoe. Top class.

Malchance's demo will be available through Sexy Romance records. 

Image: Ryan Bevan