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A Colorful Guide To The Most Stunning And Innovative Rainbow Inspired Art

Vibrant rainbow themed installations and architecture.

Without question, some of the best things in the world are represented in the form of rainbows—our beloved generation of 70's style tie-dye, a flag symbolizing equality and freedom, and who could forget our "magically delicious" Lucky Charms marshmallows?

While we continue to express our preoccupation with the optical, meteorological phenomenon of rainbows in our everyday life (sometimes in extreme ways), our homage to these multicolored beauties is perhaps best expressed through the art and technology they inspire.


Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

Yvette Mattern’s Global Rainbow

Consisting of seven parallel laser beams simulating the seven colors of Roy G. Biv, Global Rainbow has been projected across large, open, densely populated areas ranging from New York and Berlin to Toulouse and Nantes. Created in 2009 in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Mattern's work uses the rainbow as an icon of hope.


Bursting with color, light, and music, Tokyo's Odaiba water illumination show, Uminohoshi, projects images of whales, sharks, and tropical fish on a 23 × 60 meter water screen. While the featured animals act as shape shifters, their accompanying lasers leave the eye stimulated as one bright ray of mist fades into the next.

Olafur Eliasson’s Your Rainbow Panorama

Acting as a visual compass suspended between the city and the sky, the transparent glass unit, Your Rainbow Panorama, provides viewers with a 360º view of Arhus, Denmark. The continuously circular pathway measuring 150 meters around sits on top of, and proportionality compliments, the ARoS Museum of Art.

Xiying Rainbow Bridge

Taiwan's Xiying Rainbow Bridge leaves admirers scratching their heads as they wonder when the Skittles are going to fall from the sky. While in the daylight this structure is an elevated pedestrian walkway, at night it becomes clear that this is not your average overpass. Lined with a thin neon band of LED’s, Xiying Rainbow Bridge illuminates the water below with a spectrum of breathtaking colors.