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Technology Gets A Battering In Deep Fried Gadgets

Photographer Henry Hargreaves finds out what a crispy-fried iPad looks like.
June 6, 2012, 12:58pm

Most of us are guilty of indulging our gluttony and eating the odd bit of deep fried food now and then. But while you might be partial to a bit of crispy-coated chicken, how about a deep fried Macbook?

New York-based photographer Henry Hargreaves has deep fried various pieces of technology, from a GameBoy to an iPad, in his project Deep Fried Gadgets—turning these items into hybrid fast food products that wouldn’t work so well as an accompaniment with a burger.


Could he be commenting on our throwaway culture where food wrappers and discarded technology are both as likely to end up on the scrapheap? Or is he suggesting a delicious new way of consuming our tech? “I’m really interested in cultural mash-ups; what results when two things that usually wouldn’t talk do, and what the outcome is” he told The Sydney Morning Herald.

If you’re worried about all this nice tech going to waste, don’t be, because Hargreaves didn’t actually fry the devices but instead constructed scale models which were then thrown to their oily doom.

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Images: Copyright © 2012 Henry Hargreaves