Monthly Horoscope: Libra, December 2021

Welcome to Sagittarius season, dear Libra!
Sagittarius and Capricorn
Robin Eisenberg

This is a busy time of year for you, as the sun in Sagittarius illuminates the communication sector of your chart! Information is coming in, calls are being made, and it’s a great time to network, especially with your local community. Sagittarius season finds you feeling sharp and witty!

You may feel a bit more disorganized than usual on December 1 as Neptune ends its retrograde in Pisces. Some scheduling confusion could pop up. Take it slow and keep your plans flexible, dear Libra. Despite the frustration that may be in the air, creative blocks are beginning to dissolve! Make time to focus on wellness: Connect with nature, engage with your favorite physical activities, and reorganize your schedule for more time to rest.


An important new conversation can begin thanks to the solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4! Surprising information comes to light and you might feel like you’re suddenly understanding things in a whole new way! Eclipses often have a fated feeling about them, and with the information you’re gathering and the conversations taking place, you feel like a new life is unfolding before you. Paperwork, issues with siblings, and situations concerning your neighborhood may all be themes coming to the fore at this time. Eclipses are emotional and exhausting, so don’t over-schedule yourself. Make time for meditation, step away from screens, and connect with your inner voice.

Mars in Scorpio connects with Pluto in Capricorn on December 6, inspiring a dynamic atmosphere for acquiring valuables and building wealth. But misunderstandings, fibs, and laziness may arise as Mercury in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune on December 7. The energy shifts again as Mars squares off with Jupiter in Aquarius on December 8: You’re feeling proactive, creative, and flirtatious, but there may be some impatience and agitation may in the air. Keep your budget in check and watch out for over-spending.

A hugely passionate day arrives on December 11 as your ruling planet Venus meets Pluto in Capricorn: This is a major moment in your love life, creative pursuits, and even finances, as Pluto and Venus invite deep intimacy, transformative creativity, and could bring you access to something rare and valuable. Big changes could be taking place at home, as well. Perhaps you’re moving or redecorating your space. You’re getting in touch with your deepest needs and desires in many areas of your life at this time.


Also on December 11, Mercury mingles with Jupiter, inspiring and open-minded and chatty atmosphere that’s fantastic for exchanging information and networking. People may be low on energy as the sun squares off with Neptune on December 12 and scheduling issues could arise. Keep your plans flexible. Many people are feeling lazy at this time—or worse, they’re over-promising and unable to meet expectations!

A sense of urgency arises in your communications as Mars enters Sagittarius on December 13. Messages are coming in quickly! Forward, honest, and important conversations take place. Also on December 13, Mercury enters Capricorn, inspiring a grounding, straightforward energy for communication, paperwork, news, or negotiations.

There’s a full moon in fellow air sign Gemini on December 18, bringing a culmination to a conversation that’s been building. New information comes to light! Details about a trip or your education plans could arise. An important message you’ve been hoping to share can reach its intended audience! December 19 marks the start of your ruling planet Venus’s retrograde in Capricorn, which could find you reconsidering your approach to your home and family. You may feel like getting rid of a lot of items, and it’s a great time to donate things you no longer use and energetically cleanse your space. You might want to spend more time with your family, and Venus retrograde could help you rearrange your life in order to do so—or maybe you’ll decide it’s time to move! Also on December 18, a lucky energy flows as the sun connects with Jupiter…good news may be shared.

Surprising information comes your way as Mercury connects with Uranus in Taurus on December 20. An emotional breakthrough is possible. Capricorn season begins on December 21, finding you feeling nostalgic and eager to get cozy at home. Tremendous shifts take place in your love life as Saturn squares off with Uranus on December 24 for the third and final time this year, and until 2043! The way you approach intimacy is totally transforming; you may have grown out of your old needs and expectations. Your creative drive is especially high, and you’re in an experimental mood. Money is also a theme at this time, as you reconsider how you share resources with your partners. This is a pivotal moment as you feel a deep internal drive for change and progress.

Venus retrograde meets Pluto on December 25, which could stir up intense emotions about your home and family, but a sweet and understanding atmosphere flows around communication on December 26 as Mercury mingles with dreamy Neptune. Jupiter enters Pisces on December 28, bringing new work opportunities your way! You might find that your schedule is filling up quickly, so don’t over-book yourself! Jupiter is the planet of excess, and it’s important to pace yourself when it comes to accepting gigs, taking on projects, and helping others. Make space to take care of yourself, too: Jupiter in Pisces is a wonderful time to try a new routine, dump an old habit, and focus on your wellness routine.

A special memory may be recalled as Mercury meets Venus retrograde on December 29. You could be sharing stories about your past and realizing what they mean to you…or perhaps you’ll realize how much you’ve outgrown a situation! Mars and Saturn also connect on this day, inspiring a productive atmosphere that’s fantastic for strategizing and discussing commitments. Secrets are shared as Mercury and Pluto meet on December 30! Important information or paperwork is taken care of, and it’s a powerful time to research whatever piques your interest.

Good luck this month, Libra, and see you in 2022!