How Online Fights Affect Real World Battlefields

Israel’s latest war is a case study in how online propaganda shapes modern conflict.
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Your posts matter more than you think. Social media has changed the way wars are fought and the internet has become a new battlefield. 

Twitter may be dying, but it still matters an awful lot to policy makers. TikTok is ascendent, but often because its content can be repurposed on other platforms. Telegram can give you the news on the ground, but only if you trust the sources.

With all this information flowing and everyone motivated by personal politics, who can you trust?

This week, Emerson T. Brooking joins Matthew and Emily to explain how online discussion shapes the reality on the ground in conflict zones. Brooking is a resident senior fellow at the Digital Forensic Research Lab of the Atlantic Council and the co-author of LikeWar, a book about the weaponization of social media. 

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