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The Week In GIFs

Another week, more GIFs. Here they are.

Another week, more GIFs. Here they are.

GIFs by Daniel Stuckey

Despite being in the middle of supposed peace negotiations, South Sudan is on the verge of widespread famine and genocide. We knew this months ago, as all signs were evident, which is why we sent Tim Freccia and Robert Young Pelton to shoot a documentary and write and photograph an entire issue of the magazine on the topic. Read it, watch it, and be grateful you aren't starving and fending off murderous guerilla rebel armies who will rape and burn your family and loot their corpses.


Donald Sterling cried like a big stinky racist and reptilian humanoid girl on AC360. Then the troubled LA Clippers owner went on to negate whatever barely measurable levels of sympathy his crocodile tears managed to muster by saying he pretty much wasn't sorry for any of it. His wife, who may end up with 50 percent of the team, also seems like a terrible person who the people that actually do real work on the Clippers would never want in charge.

This doodlebug “trail running evangelist” put on some Google Glass, ran his ass through the grass, and than talked about all the wet dreams he's had while wearing Google Glass along with a bunch of other people for an ad. Motherboard wrote about it without really making fun of them because that was completely unnecessary.

Thankfully the FCC delayed ruining the entire internet, at least for now, by choosing to “advance” the proposed rules on net neutrality by reviewing them for 120 days. Can't wait to see what happens to the FCC's website if they decide to fuck everyone over!

A couple dudes in Nanchang, China, got to experience the pain of childbirth for a few seconds by getting shocked, or something. All of them were giant wimps, with most giving up before the 30-second mark because the truth is that men are giant babies and have no tolerance for anything.

Beyonce's sister Solange hit Jay-Z in the face, or at least tried to, in an elevator. Noisey had some theories as to why, but one thing is for sure: You got 100 problems now, HOVA!


HR Giger, one of the most prolific and singularly horrifying artists of his generation, died at the age of 74. We interviewed him a few years back, and you should read it if you care about anything dark and creepy.

The Catholic Church's worldwide parishioner count is so low that the Pope announced that they would baptize animals, minerals, vegetables, and aliens.

All the dudes on the DL in the NFL pretended to be offended when Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend on national TV after being the first openly gay player drafted into the NFL by the Rams.

This awesome cat saved a boy from this asshole dog who started grabbing his leg and attacking him.

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