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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama is planning to hold a meeting of world leaders to try and figure out what to do with ISIS, legendary comedian Garry Shandling has died, the Oregon militia cost taxpayers $6 million, and more in today's Morning Bulletin.

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US News

Obama to Convene Summit on Islamic State

President Obama is to convene a meeting of world leaders in Washington, DC, next week to discuss efforts to defeat the Islamic State. Obama will add the session on counterterrorism to an international summit that had been focused on safeguarding nuclear materials. - The Washington Post

Korean American Confesses to Espionage

A Korean American man detained in North Korea since October last year has confessed to trying to steal military secrets. Kim Dong Chul, a naturalized American citizen, appeared before media in Pyongyang and apologized for acts aimed at overthrowing the North Korean regime. - Reuters


Oregon Standoff Cost Taxpayers $6 Million

The US Fish and Wildlife Service will have to spend almost $4 million repairing the wildlife refuge occupied by armed militiamen earlier this year. Another $2 million was spent moving employees out of town during the standoff. "The refuge will be better than ever," said director Dan Ashe of the repairs. - The Oregonian

Iranians Accused of Cyber Attacks on US Banks

Seven Iranian hackers broke into computers of dozens of US banks and tried to shut down a New York dam, according to a US government indictment. The men accused were believed to have been working on behalf of Iran's government and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard. Iran is not expected to extradite them. - VICE News


Belgian Police Arrest Six, Paris Plot Foiled

Belgian police have arrested six people in the Schaerbeek district of Brussels, as the investigation into Tuesday's terrorist attacks continues. Separately, French police launched an anti-terrorism operation in Argenteuil, northwest of Paris, following the arrest of a man suspected of planning another attack. - BBC News

Syrian Troops Enter Palmyra

Syrian troops, backed by Russian air strikes, have fought their way into the Islamic State–held city of Palmyra, the biggest offensive yet against the jihadist militants. A Russian special forces soldier calling in coordinates for air strikes was reportedly killed near the city. - Al Jazeera


100 Chinese Boats Enter Malaysian Waters

About 100 Chinese-registered boats have been detected in Malaysia waters in the disputed South China Sea, according to Malaysia's state news agency. The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and the Malaysian Navy have sent ships to the area to monitor the situation. - Reuters

Minibus Crash in France Kills 12

Twelve people have been killed in a head-on collision between a minibus and a truck in central France, near Montbeugny. All 12 victims were Portuguese minibus passengers, traveling from Switzerland to Portugal. The minibus driver and two Italian drivers of the truck survived. - The Guardian

Everything Else

Comedians Pay Tribute to Garry Shandling, Dead at 66

Tributes have poured in for Garry Shandling, who died suddenly Thursday at the age of 66. Billy Crystal called Shandling "one of the most brilliant people I have ever known," while Bob Odenkirk described him as a "guiding voice of comedy." - VICE

NBA Considers North Carolina Boycott

The NBA is considering relocating its 2016 All-Star Game from North Carolina after the state banned transgender people from using restrooms aligned with their gender identity. The NBA said the law runs counter to "equality and mutual respect." - CBS Sports

World Cup Zika Theory Dismissed

The Zika virus arrived in Brazil before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, say scientists, ending the popular theory that it was brought over by soccer fans. Findings in the journal Science suggest the virus arrived in 2013. - The Verge

Man Arrested for Not Returning 2002 VHS Tape

A North Carolina man was arrested for failing to return a VHS copy of Freddy Got Fingered he rented in 2002. Even though the video store has shut down, cops handcuffed James Meyers after noticing a VHS-related warrant during a traffic stop. - VICE

Pedophilia Advocate Group Still Exists

The once-notorious North American Man-Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA, is still active, although members are now concerned about the group's future. "There are only a handful of people ostensibly still involved," one member revealed. - VICE