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Someone Is Apparently Pretending to Be the Unabomber

Ted Kaczynski sent a letter to BuzzFeed News warning that "some creep from Santa Barbara" is sending letters to journalists pretending to be him.

Ted Kaczynski, a.k.a. Unabomber, is currently serving a life sentence in prison for his bombing spree, so it's odd that someone would want to steal his identity, but that seems to be what's happening.

"Some creep in Santa Barbara has been sending letters in my name to various journalists, requesting an interview and expressing what he pretends are my opinions," he wrote in a letter to BuzzFeed News that the site posted Monday. "I'm not going to give interviews and I do not necessarily share the opinions expressed in this creep's letters."

The "creep" has sent letters to Lawrence Wright, of the New Yorker, and Bryan Denson, formerly of the Oregonian, under Kaczynski's name. The letter writer apparently wants to refute some claims in the Unabomber's brother's book. Since the envelopes had California postmarks and since Kaczynski isn't allowed to leave his Colorado prison, they're fairly obviously fakes—or part of some enormously complicated scheme where Kaczynski is mailing letters to someone who re-mails them.

Kaczynski has mailed with a lot of people since he was given eight life sentences in 1998, and he apparently doesn't take kindly to people dirtying his reputation.

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Photo of Ted Kaczynski, via Wikimedia