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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Wants Weed to Be Sold in Liquor Stores

But any stoner knows weed and booze make terrible bedfellows.

Photo via Flickr user Jason Hargrove

Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne is the latest to endorse a growing movement to sell weed in liquor stores once it's legal.

Speaking at Queens Park Monday, Wynne said the LCBO "is very well-suited to putting in place the social responsibility aspects that would need to be in place."

She said selling marijuana alongside booze "makes a lot of sense."

Similar sentiments were recently expressed by Warren "Smokey" Thomas, head of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union, which represents LCBO employees.


"They do age checks, they do refusals if somebody's intoxicated," he said.

Unions representing liquor store employees in BC are also pushing to have the two substances sold side by side.

But is this really a responsible idea? Pretty much the only times I ever vomit is when I smoke weed while drinking.

Just last week, I tried dabs for the first time after having several high balls over a period of a few hours. The night ended (quickly) thereafter with me barfing aggressively in my bed still fully clothed and immobilized. I'm not proud of this story, but I tell it for the sake of journalism. Before I blazed, I felt a light buzz, yet almost immediately afterwards, I was a hot mess. For some people, taking even a couple of hits of a joint while drinking is a fast track to spending several hours hunched over the toilet, if you are lucky enough to make it there.

Selling chronic and liquor in the same place will no doubt encourage customers to buy them together but any stoner knows this combination carries the risk of greening out. Maybe those are the people Wynne and others should consult before they make an avoidable, rookie mistake.

You know how to reach me, Kathleen.

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