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A Seven-Year-Old Music Critic Interviews Ryan Jarman

A playdate at "Clown Town" with The Cribs' lead singer.

Remember when Noisey got a gang of kids to sit still long enough to review the last Cribs single? Well a load more people watched that than tuned in to the first UK episode of Mad Men series five, so it's no surprise that the clip worked its way back to The Cribs' Ryan Jarman. And when he saw it, he demanded to meet lead reviewer Emy, who praised "Chi Town" for its ability to make her "feel like jumping off this chair, yeah, and going 'OH MY GOD, LOOK HOW AMAZING, AREN'T I, OOOO-OOOOOH' like that, absolutely mad!"


They met at Clown Town, which is one of those ball-pond parks where parents take their kids on Saturdays so they can go mental in a place with foamy cushioned walls and not hurt themselves. And it looked like they had a blast.

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