Ubik Aren’t Waiting to Become Your New Favourite Brat-Beat Punk Band

The Melbourne outfit, featuring members of Masses and Red Red Krovvy, have released a preview of their demo.
December 4, 2016, 2:18am

Ubik are not here to mess around. Featuring members of Masses and Red Red Krovvy, the Melbourne four -piece have recorded some buzzing punk and they want you to get your ears around it pronto.

Their new demo on Lost in Fogrecords is five-tracks of simple but upbeat punk that draws similarities with anarcho acts like Crisis and Flux of Pink Indians while spinning their own 2016 Australian spin on things.

You can hear two tracks from the EP on Bandcamp right now. "Piece of Mind" leads with slashing guitars and shouted vocals about needing weapons and muscle while "Andrew Bolts Twitter Account" explores the dangerous paranoia and social fear and mistrust that conservative columnists and broadcasters can breed.

As we seemingly shift to a world run by demagogues and policy driven by racism and xenophobia it's now more important than ever that bands like Ubik are here to scream about all the bullshit.

The demo is available now from Lost in Fog

Ubik play Dec 11 in Melbourne at The Tote.

Image: Bandcamp