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Extremely Concerned White Woman Recites Vince Staples's "Norf Norf" Through Tears

She thinks it says "Nerf Nerf"

Vince Staples has been no stranger to public criticism over the years for his willingness to be outspoken about social issues, California gang culture, and 90s rap. But in an unexpected turn of events, Vince's latest critic is a concerned mother who fears the consequences of her 11-year-old child hearing Staples' "Norf Norf" on the radio. In a webcam confessional, this responsible nurturer of children expressed her disdain for the song, explaining that though the bad words are censored on the radio, we can still "dictate" what Vince is saying.


To make her point clearer in this hot take, she goes on to recite the song's lyrics but oddly enough, chooses the unedited version to recite…in front of her child who she fears will be steered the wrong way by hearing the clean version on radio. Yes, that includes spewing the N-word and mistaking Staples' pronunciation of North (Norf) as Nerf, a company that puts toy firearms in the hands of children--much more dangerous than a geographical location. Before her thorough analysis, she broke down: "I've gotta collect myself because this is what our youth is being subjected to." Watch the full video below.

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